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Dedication plats, or subdivision plats can be applicable to land that is being divided into multiple parcels due to various reasons. To guarantee that you will receive an accurate plat you can use for your needs, calling a professional surveyor should be your top priority.

Land subdivision is considered to be a matter that should be discussed with the state you are located in, as it is viewed to be a public concern. Depending on the area where you live or where your land is located, you may be required to have a plat or a map of your land with accurate details and plans and to submit it to your municipality for their approval. 

Get the help of a local land surveyor.

When it comes to dedication plats, it would be best to hire a surveyor that is familiar with your area. This is because it can be a very technical process and will need a vast knowledge of the area in order for them to give an accurate plan. 

If your land is located in Elgin, Illinois, you are in luck. Our company is based in the area and our crew is comprised of locals who have been offering our services in Elgin for many years. 





Why work with a local?

By working with a local land surveyor, you will be assured that we are aware of the laws and legislation in the town, city, or county in the state where your land is located.  This helps us in providing a plat that will conform to the standards that are set in our locality.

Local land surveyors know the techniques and methods that will make the division process easier and more convenient. We have been doing this work for many years and know how to make the dedication approved, which saves our client’s time and resources. 

What does a dedication plat mean?

The word “dedication” in land and properties would mean that it is an agreement in document form that shows the appropriation of a parcel of land by its respective owner for a specific reason. This is mainly for public use, such as for the construction of alleys, roads, walkways, or for building public structures such as parks. 




Why do people dedicate land? 

The following are the most common reasons why landowners dedicate their land:

  1. The dedication process could be voluntarily initiated by the landowner themselves. 
  2. It may be requested by their local government to provide easements or rights-of-way to residents during a development procedure. 
  3. It may be a condition before the approval of a building plan.
  4. It may be a condition before the approval of a subdivision plan. 

Of course, conditions may vary on your state and the situation you are in. In some cases, owners are not required to dedicate their land and may refuse to dedicate their property when requested to. If the situation calls for it, it is always important to remember to consult legal advice before proceeding further. 

When dedicating their land, the owner will be free of ownership of the land and will have no more obligations or legal claims for the land once it is approved. The owner will transfer the rights to the public, and they will no longer have any say in whatever project or infrastructure that was built in the part of the dedicated land.  

Why do landowners need a surveyor to dedicate their land?

Dedications can be approved or disapproved, which is why they can take a lot of time. There are several steps that need to be taken before it can be processed, and you will have to comply with some requirements.

During a dedication offer, a plat – more commonly known as a sketch or map, is most likely a requirement that should be provided. This is exactly where we can help you.

Plats should only be made by a licensed surveyor, as they need to be accurate and should conform to the codes and ordinance in the area. 

What do we include in a plat of dedication?

For dedication plats in Elgin, Illinois, it is common to have a preliminary plat and a final plat.

Preliminary plats are the basis that will result in the approval or disapproval of the dedication, while;

Final plats are the final copy of the land’s sketched layout that will be filed for recording along with other legal documents.

Dedication plats contain the following information:

✔ A licensed surveyor’s legal description of the land

Legal descriptions include the precise location of the area for dedication using reference and monument points. Bearings, distances, and sections may be used for describing the land. 

✔ Purpose of dedication

In this section, the purpose of the dedication should be included. For example – “Dedication for right of way purposes.” 

✔ A layout of the streets, lots, alleys, and blocks in the subdivision

This is a sketch that will detail the above-mentioned features of the area. Each should be labeled properly.

✔ A layout of the utilities and public areas of the land

This is a sketch that will detail the above-mentioned features of the area. Each should be labeled properly.

✔ The lot size and dimensions

The lot size will be measured by its gross area, along with the net area of the subdivision. 

✔ Easements and access

All public easements and access should be included and labeled in the plat, along with its corresponding dimensions. 

✔ Improvements

Any changes in utilities or names must be labeled and included in the plat. Former names of streets should be labeled under the current name of the corresponding street. 

Receive an accurate plat of dedication with minimal hassle.



Work with our crew and you will receive a plat from licensed surveyors that will conform to zoning and state requirements in Elgin, Illinois. Call us now at our number for more information or reach out by using our online contact form.

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