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Land is a very valuable and limited resource. It is so important that most experts say that land is one of the things in the world that do not depreciate in value, which is why it should be secured and protected. 

When you own a plot of land or want to get one, you should have a partner that could help you confirm your ownership and avoid squabbles with other owners that can result in legal issues. We are the land surveyors in Elgin, Illinois, who can do a boundary survey for land parcels in the area. Our main mission is to provide quality reports that will protect our clients and their assets. No project is too small or big for our company. 

Partner only with the licensed land surveyors in town.






Land surveys are serious and it comes with a lot of responsibilities that only the best and trained surveyor can face. Every measurement should be precise and each data should be gathered with utmost care. When you work with licensed surveyors, you can be assured that your resources will not go to waste.

Our company is based in Elgin, Illinois, and our crew has been doing land surveys in the area for a long time since it was established back in the year 2000.

We promise to provide residential and commercial surveys that are reliable and useful for our clients, especially for their specific purpose.

When you hire our company to survey your land, expect the following:

We turn our promises into reality. 

Our mission has never changed and is still true in the present. We have made it our goal to provide every client that has trusted our service with high-quality surveys and reports, and we still believe in this today. Compromising quality has never been our style. Our whole team is truly grateful for our customers and will always give back with our best efforts. 

We are good at what we do.

Every service we offer is backed up with years of experience, knowledge, and training. No matter what land survey type you will need for your property, we will have a member who is an expert in the matter and will give you a report that can be used for whatever purpose you will need it, such as for boundaries, construction, and settling disputes. 

We offer the best prices.

With our high-quality work, we can guarantee that the price you have to pay for our services is worth every cent. Many landowners and interested buyers decide to let go of surveys due to the expense, which could be a very expensive mistake. Always secure your land by ordering a survey from a licensed surveyor. Our past clients have always been thankful for our services, and we will always provide valuable data in our report. 

Who needs our services?

Our crew does land surveys for residential and commercial properties. Most of our partners are the following:

Individuals who are in need of financing.

Boundary surveys are called mortgage or loan surveys for a reason. Most individuals can be required by their lender or bank to request a boundary survey before having their claim approved. 

Individuals who own a parcel of land and want to sell it. 

Landowners who want to sell their property may want or may be required to get a boundary survey before they sell. A boundary survey report helps them confirm the data that is on the title, such as the size of the land. If you want to sell your land, call our team and we will survey your property to back up the details in your title that could allow for a more convenient closing process. 

Individuals who want to buy a parcel of land.

People who are interested in buying a piece of land should get a boundary survey to assess the land and see if there will be any problems with the property in the future. Our crew will survey the area and take note of the details such as the risks in its current systems. We have helped a lot of clients who may have wasted a lot of money in a plot of land that is smaller than what it says on the title if they did not have a survey conducted to confirm. 

Individuals who want to renovate their property.

Boundary surveys are often requested when clients want to build utilities and fences around their area. To be safe and to avoid headaches, we will define the boundaries of your land to make sure that you are building on your property and are not trespassing on land that is already out of bounds.

Landowners who are having a problem with their neighbor/s.

It is no secret that land matters can be very stressful and draining. If you don’t have sufficient documents to back up your property, you will be in for a disaster. Our team will help you by doing a survey that can help in settling issues with your neighbors. For example, some of our clients have been complaining about their neighbors who are building a wall on their side of the land. However, the neighbors are saying that the area is still theirs. By having us survey the area, we will determine your boundaries that are proven to be accurate and can be used in settling legal matters. 

Real estate developers who are constructing buildings on multiple plots of land.

Developers, contractors, and other professionals in the industry often contact us to request a boundary survey, as it can be a requirement for getting a building permit. 

What is included in our boundary surveys?

  • Boundaries and corners of the land
  • Easement lines and encroachments
  • Size and location
  • Features, utilities, and improvements

Depending on the needs of our clients, some boundary surveys may be more detailed and may focus on some aspects of the land. Give us a call to know more about our services.




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