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Having your property reconstructed or renovated could take a lot of time, money, and resources. This is why many clients request an As-Built plan as a way for them to have a guarantee that the design they requested and the systems that they ordered were followed by their contractor or worker. A survey plan can also be a requirement that landowners have to submit before getting a building permit or being issued with a Certificate of Occupancy from their local municipality. 

As-Built plans need to depict precise and accurate detail, and this is why you will need a surveyor who will be successful in showing all the elements, structures, and utilities of the land in its current state with exact replication. 

What is an As-Built plan and when are they necessary?

Also called As-Constructed plans, As-Built plans, or As-Built drawings, they were originally defined as a set of professional documents that show the layout of land along with its features and utilities.

Just like a map that shows the places in a particular area, an As-Built plan must show the property in its actual condition “as it was built”, hence what it is called, before starting a construction project. However, they can also be made during and after the improvements and changes were made.  






As-Built plans are made by conducting a survey for each phase of your construction project, although this would differ on where the plan will be used, as some clients may only need a final plan that will detail the changes that were done and recently completed on their property along with its exact measurements. 

To be clear, As-Builts can be used for a variety of reasons, such as:

  1. To record the precise layout of a property with accuracy. 

One of the main purposes of an as-built plan is that it will record all the necessary data in a particular piece of land with precision and accuracy. This is usually the case as banks and lenders request for a copy of an As-Built plan before processing and approving a loan, mortgage, or refinancing agreement. 

They are also helpful during maintenance, as it makes the work easier for contractors when every system is accounted for on the layout. 

  1. To plan for some changes to be done in the property. 

Some as-built plans include the desired changes in the property on the layout itself, though they are usually designed by the architects and engineers that are included in the project. 

  1. To show the current accomplishments of the contractors.

Some clients prefer to have proper documentation of the work that was done by their contractor, which is why they will specifically order an as-built for every stage that was finished by their worker. 

  1. To display the “before and after” condition of the property

As-built records can be requested before and after the construction project is done and complete. 

  1. To compare whether the design was followed by the contractor. 

Clients use as-built plans to see whether the original designs they requested were followed and how many deviations were made. Depending on their agreement, clients would sometimes release the contractor’s final pay only after checking the site plans. 

  1. To comply with city regulations. 

Some cities and towns require as-built plans from landowners. Depending on where you live, you may have to get your property surveyed before you can get a Certificate of Occupancy which signifies that your property is safe to occupy. Some municipalities also require as-builts so that they can make sure that your property is abiding by all the city regulations and will not cause any problems with the city’s sewer and water systems, for example.   

What is included in your As-Built plan?

When you let our crew do the As-Built plan for your site, you will receive the following information on our report:

✔ All contours, typographical features, elevations, and inclines

✔ All features and utilities in the property (both man-made and natural)

✔ All changes and improvements that were made are labeled, described, dated, and measured (Changes in materials, dimensions, or design that deviate from the original plan will be marked with the data showing the original and apparent record)

✔ Electrical, pipe, water, sewer, and drainage systems

✔ Detention and retention basins, inlet and outlet pipes

✔ All measurements and dimensions of every area and the total coverage of the property

✔ Other important data that should be included in the plan

 Why do you need to get a licensed surveyor for your plan?

Many landowners are skeptical to hire a land surveyor to do their As-Built plan for the reason that there are other professionals who can do it for a lesser rate, such as drafters and even the contractors who have done the construction themselves. Why hire another professional? 

Why you should not hire a drafter instead of a surveyor

CAD designers and drafters are trained in technology and are very helpful in designing layouts that can be accurate and attractive, however, nothing beats a land surveyor who knows what to look for, what to measure, and what techniques and methods to use to plan your property. A designer can charge lesser rates, but is it worth the savings in cost when you can get a trained surveyor instead to visit your site themselves, measure every detail with the right tools and equipment, and note data that will be helpful for your property in the long run? 

Why you should not hire your contractor instead of a surveyor

One of the reasons why clients get as-built plans is to confirm whether their contractor followed all their designs and requests, and this is exactly why you should hire a third-party professional for you to get an unbiased report. 






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