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Do you have a piece of land that you want to sell or use for the approval of your financing, loan, or mortgage requirements? There might be a huge chance that you will need to request an ALTA or ACSM survey, which is what most banks and lenders need nowadays. 

For real estate transactions that would require a survey to strictly follow the standards set by The American Land Title Association (ALTA) and The American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM), the only way to guarantee its quality and reliability is to have the survey and report done by a qualified land surveyor. 

The most trusted surveyors in Elgin are only one call away.

ALTA and ACSM surveys are a national standard when it comes to land surveys, and the process that needs to be done to get them could take a lot of time and resources.

Because of this, it is absolutely important to hire a land surveyor that could get the job done the first time to avoid resurveying and legal disputes. 






Land surveyors need to possess knowledge and skills in several disciplines not limited to science, math, history, geography and will need to have a sufficient background in engineering and technology. With the right mix of education, training, technique, and equipment, we can say that we are the professionals who can survey your land and create a report that is based on countless hours of research and fact-checking, that will contain its accurate measurements, sketches of layouts, man-made and natural features and utilities, and many more. 

When you have to get a quality report, you should get a qualified surveyor. Give us a call or set an appointment with our team and tell us all about what you need, and we will do the best we can for whatever purpose you will need the ALTA/ACSM survey for. 

Our company is based in Elgin, Illinois. 

Why is there a need for an ALTA/ACSM survey?

We understand how some people might say that ALTA surveys are just a waste of money. Landowners would think about why they should order an ALTA survey that takes more time and is more expensive when there is a boundary survey that can be done in less time and is not as heavy for the wallets. However, there is a reason why ALTA/ACSM is necessary and is considered the national standard. 

Unlike other types of land surveys, ALTA and ACSM surveys are viewed to be more comprehensive and accurate, as it has to follow the specific set of standards that are widely accepted by various banks, lenders, insurance providers, and private companies in the United States. In most cases, boundary surveys might be enough for some companies and organizations, but most well-known companies prefer ALTA surveys when it comes to their transactions. This means that you can get more value with ALTA surveys, as they contain more detailed information in the extensive report, and are also accepted by most companies in the U.S. 

Who would benefit from ALTA surveys?

There are several people who could benefit from ALTA surveys, and most of them are:

Landowners who are planning to sell their land. 

If you own a piece of land that you want to sell at the present time, calling our crew to request an ALTA/ACSM survey could definitely be advantageous for you. Especially for commercial real estate owners, you may be required to get an ALTA survey before selling your property. 

When you get an ALTA survey from us, it will help you determine the things or issues that may cause problems to your buyer in the future. You can use the report to improve, repair, and fix these problems so that you will get a better offer and to avoid getting sued by the new owners due to a certain issue that you did not disclose. 

Landowners who are planning to get a mortgage or loan.

If you want to have your loan or financing approved, you may be requested by your bank or lender to get a survey done. Most credible banks and lenders only accept ALTA surveys, and though some would also accept other types such as boundary surveys and topographical surveys, you should ask them before having one done only to find out that they will not accept it.  

Banks and lending companies that offer their services to the public. 

Aside from landowners, banks and lending companies find ALTA surveys very necessary in their operations. This is because it helps the company know more about the land and is useful in determining if there will be some problems with the property that would affect their investments. 

Individuals who are interested in buying a parcel of land. 

If you are interested in buying a piece of land, getting an ALTA survey would be beneficial to you and can protect you in your investment. Of course, there are other types of surveys that can be done such as the boundary survey, but ALTA/ACSM surveys can help you get to know the land and its features in more detail that will not be included in the other. 

What is included in our ALTA/ACSM survey?

When you request an ALTA survey from our crew, you will get the following data included in our survey report:

  • The legal boundaries and corners of the property
  • A map of the property with its layout
  • Easements and encroachments
  • Improvements of the land
  • Utilities and Rights-of Way
  • Zoning classifications
  • Other data that could affect land ownership





The details above are mostly included in the base specifications that ALTA/ACSM surveys should always have. If requested, our clients can ask us to include optional items that they or their lender specifically need, such as flood zone designations and other modifications.

Want to know more about our services?

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