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Land Surveyors

When it comes to important things such as land and properties, the best thing a person can do is to have them surveyed. Whether it is your own land, you are a seller, or you are still planning to buy it, nothing can beat the peace of mind that comes when you own an accurate survey report for a particular parcel of land.

Survey reports have saved countless landowners from disputes and have rescued potential buyers from getting a property that has issues with boundaries which can possibly be the reason for a bigger problem to appear in the future.

Although a survey report can be seen by other people as a pricy and worthless document that is just an extra expense, it is certainly worth its price. When security, assets, and land are the priority, nothing will be too expensive to make sure that you know everything there is about them: its size, boundaries, corners, topographical area and features, and many more.

Land survey service in Elgin, within easy reach

Land surveys are not that heard of, and this is because many think that it is just an extra service for rich people with big lands. However, this should absolutely not be the case. No matter how big or small the land area is and whether you are using your land for residential or commercial purposes, you will need a survey to have your property determined by a professional that can be used for legal matters.

There are also times that land surveys are required by local municipalities and agencies before selling them. To make sure that you will receive an accurate survey, you must get the help of a professional surveyor.

If you need a land surveyor in Elgin, Illinois, we are the company that can help you with what you require for your piece of land. We use the best tools, equipment, and have the best workers that are proven to be experts in the industry. All you have to do is give us a call and we can start the process that will lead to a partnership and will result in an accurate data report of your parcel.

Who needs our services?

Our company is based in Elgin, Illinois, and we have been offering our land survey services to both locals and individuals who are interested to buy land or invest in the area.

Though we are small in numbers, we are very proud to say that our crew has all been doing great work for many years since we started back in the year 2000. With 20 years of experience and more in doing our jobs, we can honestly say that we can help you with whatever survey you will need.

Together, we have worked and collaborated with many private companies and professionals such as contractors, real estate agents, engineers, and architects. We have a variety of clients coming every day on our doorstep that is asking for our particular service.









If you are one of the following, you might need to get in touch with us as soon as you can.

  • A real estate professional who is interested in selling land
  • A homeowner who is planning to build a fence, gate, or new structure
  • A homeowner who is planning to sell your land
  • A homeowner who is planning to divide your land
  • A homeowner who is planning to get a loan or mortgage
  • A professional contractor who has been assigned to do a project
  • A private lender who needs a partner to confirm assets and properties

Most people are surprised with the services we offer and have even called us “ambitious.” Yes, we can certainly see why some can call us an ambitious company due to the reason that we offer a lot of services, such as ALTA / ACSM surveys, topographical surveys, boundary surveys, subdivision plats, and as built surveys, however, all of our services are proven to be accurate, precise, and worth the price and time that our clients generously trusted us with.

Don’t believe us? Go to our page and see the reviews of our past clients and see what we do best. You can also see a copy of our finished projects and decide for yourself whether you would want the proven professional land surveyors to do the job or put your trust in a company that does not have a lot to show to back up its mission and promises.

Land surveyor checklist

To help you in your project, we have made a checklist to make it easy for you to search for a land surveyor. We believe that land surveys should be accessible, especially for owners and individuals who are doing it for the first time. No person should feel too overwhelmed with land surveys that they will rather opt to not have it for their convenience.

Before hiring a land surveyor, you need to make sure that they have the following qualifications:

Is the land surveyor licensed to practice in your location?

Land surveys are no easy matter and must always be done by a professional. Before hiring the first surveyor you see on the yellow pages, make sure that they are licensed and that they can practice in your location. Depending on the area where you live, most cities and states have their own requirements and qualifications before they will accept an individual to be called as a “surveyor” and would even need them to pass several exams before they can start working.

What about us? All of us are licensed and trained to do work in Elgin, Illinois. If you need a land surveyor in the area, hop on a call with us and ask about our services. One of the things we take pride in as a local contractor is that we are knowledgeable about the practices and laws in the State. If there is a need for us to assist with legal matters, we will be there.

man surveying land at project site in elgin

Is the land surveyor experienced?

Land surveyors are expected to have a number of projects on their resumes. Of course, all of us were once beginners in the industry, and just because somebody is new does not necessarily mean that they do bad work. However, if you really want to make sure that you will be getting an accurate report, hiring an experienced surveyor would be your best bet.

What about us? All of us in the team have been working in the survey industry for many years. Our company was first established in the year 2000, but some of our workers have been in the job for several years before that. It is important for us to pass on the knowledge to our other crew and we continuously invest in training to make sure that each member knows of our laws and practices. This helps us provide our clients with a report that they can use to protect their land and avoid future disputes.

Are they familiar with the scope of work?

Land surveys are a broad area. It can be requested and used for various purposes, such as mortgages, selling, loans, buying, and more. When you are still in the hunt for a land surveyor, you need to ask them if they are familiar with the certain project that you have and for what purpose you will need it. For example, if you need a surveyor to make a report that will help you claim boundaries around your land, you should ask whether they have experience with boundary surveys before. On the other hand, if you are building a structure on your land, ask the surveyor if they have done similar projects in the past.

What about us? Each member of our crew can be trusted and is experienced to do surveys specifically for boundaries, ALTA / ACSM, subdivisions, and many more.

Are they reputable and known in your area?

Although popularity can be an unfair factor to include in the checklist, ask around the area if they can recommend a particular company to get your land survey done. Most would tell you the names of their past surveyor, and if they are known to be trusted and reliable, this can often be a good sign of quality work. For your peace of mind, there is no shame in asking for past client reviews.

What about us? We are grateful to be included in the list of top surveyors in the area. Many residents in Elgin can attest to the value of the work that we do, and you can prove that by giving us a visit or by reading the reviews on our site.

Is the land surveyor equipped?

In this line of work, tools, equipment, and technology are crucial and very necessary. Before calling the surveyor, check if they have the tools that are needed for your project. For example, if you are constructing a building, it would be very helpful if you can find a contractor that uses 3D software to make it easier for you to understand some layouts and features.

What about us? Our licensed crew are very much equipped with state-of-the-art tools, machines, and equipment, that will help us measure accurately, mark boundaries, do sketches, make a map, and other responsibilities to get an accurate report for our clients.

Our Services

ALTA or ACSM surveys

When are they necessary? If a landowner sells their land or gets a loan or mortgage, they might be required by their bank or lender to get an ALTA/ACSM survey and to submit the report before the transaction. The main reason why ALTA/ACSM surveys are mainly used for financing is that they are considered the national standard when it comes to land surveys. This also means that they can be used for most legal transactions and are recognized by most private companies.

What is included? ALTA or ACSM surveys are known to be more in-depth, comprehensive, and take more time to finish. For this type of report, we include a lot of data such as boundary corners, roads and walkways, buildings and features, characteristics, and many more.

Topographical surveys

If a landowner wants to do some improvements on their property or if it was requested by the state, a topographical survey would be necessary. This survey is one of the reasons why owners save money as they are great at determining the features of the land such as its elevation that may cause problems during the construction process.

What is included? For this type of survey, we will include both the natural and man-made topographical features, terrain, utilities, and many more in our report.

Boundary surveys

Boundary surveys are often requested by individuals who want to sell their land, build utilities or structures, wants to buy land, have to settle disputes, and for other reasons.

What is included? For this type of survey, we will include the boundaries, corners, size of the land, and other data in our report.






Subdivision plat surveys

Subdivision plat surveys are ordered when a landowner wants to divide a plot of land, donate, or sell a part of their land.

What is included? For this type of survey, we will specifically focus on boundaries, corners, layouts, and utilities of the land in our report.

As-Built surveys

As-Built surveys are great for those who want to document the phases and accomplishments of the construction project that was done on their property.

What is included? We will focus on the particular data that is requested by the clients, such as walkways, elevation, pipe systems, contours, and many more.

Order an accurate report for your land

Our expert surveyors in Elgin can help you get a report that is guaranteed to be accurate, high-quality, and reliable. To get in touch with our team, call us at this number.

We Strive To Be The Premier Land surveyors in The Elgin Area!

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Welcome to your local land surveyors in Elgin.  Use our years of experience to get accurate surveys.  It doesn't matter which kind of survey you are in need of, we can be of service to you.  Your 100% satisfaction is our ultimate goal.  Call us today to see how we can be of service!

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Our Specialization

Our specialization is producing surveys of any kind.  Whether you're in need of a land survey, boundary survey, topographical survey, or ALTA survey, we have the expertise to service your needs.

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    You can rely on our years of engineering expertise to provide quality and reliable surveys that last for several years

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    ALTA Survey

    Need a boundary survey that meets ALTA standards?  We are happy to help.  Give us a call to discuss your particular scenario.

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    Land Surveys

    Though surveys are very straightforward to accomplish, they need to be very precise and without any room for error.  Count on us!

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    We strive to do our work better than any other competitor of ours.  Our measurements are as accurate and reliable as they come.

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    We have the newest equipment to make sure we are giving you the highest quality, most accurate analysis possible.

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    Plat of Subdivision

    Looking to create individual units our of one larger unit?  We can make that happen.  Give us a call to discuss your needs.


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If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach are what I love about them.


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We needed a topographical survey that needed to be very precise and accurate.  We were previously recommend to you by another company and decided on your service.  Great work and excellent service!

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